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Chalk River Nuclear Facilities Expansion

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Scope: Supply 300 Tonnes Structural Steel including Connection Engineering and shop application of high-performance coating.

Project Name: Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories

Project Owner: Canadian National Energy Alliance, SNC Lavalin Location: Chalk River, Ontario

Chalk River Facilities Fabrication

The CNL site comprises 3,700 hectares (9,100 acres) along the Ottawa River. The site contains several licence-listed nuclear facilities, including the National Research Universal (NRU) reactorhas unique capabilities in expertise and specialized facilities that support innovation in safety, security, health, environmental and clean energy technologies.

Courtesy Wiki

“This will allow Canada’s nuclear industry and the Chalk River site to be on a more stable footing for the 21st century and allow a new nuclear energy policy to emerge,” said John Barrett, president of the Canadian Nuclear Association.


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